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This is the official website of "Die Aalwyne", a privately owned small holding at Rooi Hoogte near Uitenhage. The purpose of this site is to promote and supply information with regards to services rendered by me, Willem Van der Mescht, the owner of "Die Aalwyne".

Exit Uitenhage via Cuyeler Street, over bridge, past Kruisrevier Road, up the hill and right onto gravel road running parallel with tar road.

Where's "Die Aalwyne"

"Die Aalwyne" is situated approximately 4km from Uitenhage, in the Eastern Cape. (30km from Port Elizabeth) It is about 5.6ha and is divided into 7 camps, all flat area and mostly de-bushed. On the map on the right, X marks the spot. Click here to see where "Die Aalwyne" is on Google earth.

The horses in the field


I run a small horse boarding facility. For more info click below:

Please feel free to visit my horse forum. Here you can place free horse related ads and chat to the forum members.

Other Services

  • Surf the internet at R15 per hour.
    • My regular clients can get airtime from me by sending me a "Please call me" and pay later when they see me.
    • Not a client of mine! Well, click here if you want to buy and sell airtime yourself.